Vibration Control Fabreeka Canada

The Benchmark Group stocks a wide variety of vibration control MIL C882 sheets and cut parts in Canada. We offer raw materials and fabricated vibration control solutions.


Fabcel vibration isolation pad is manufactured using the same nitrile compound developed in 1962. The properties of the Fabcel pad are designed to provide low frequency vibration isolation and reduction of impact shock.

Fabcel nitrile pad has been used for over 40 years for mounting machinery and sensitive equipment where absorption of impact shock or isolation of transmitted vibration is desired. Fabcel pads may be bonded together (“layered”) to achieve the desired isolation efficiency for any application.

Fabcel material is available as isolation washers and OEM parts.

Vibration Pad Bearings and Washers

Fabreeka pad is the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The properties of the Fabreeka pad are exceptionally suited for the reduction of impact shock.

Fabreeka pad has been used for over 70 years for mounting heavy machinery where absorption of impact shock and isolation of transmitted vibration is desired. Fabreeka pad prevents cracking and flaking of concrete, eliminates the need for grout and prolongs the life of both machines and structures. Fabreeka pad is scientifically constructed to give years of service under the most severe operating conditions.

Structural Thermal Break and Vibration Isolation

Fabreeka-TIM® structural thermal break pad / connection, or thermal insulation material (TIM), is manufactured from a fiberglass-reinforced laminate composite. It is considered a green product for its energy savings with regard to energy loss caused by thermal bridging. In addition it is proven to have high compressive strength combined with resistance to thermal conductivity. Made from a fiberglass-reinforced composite, Fabreeka-TIM® has a per-inch R-value of 0.56 (BTU/Hr/ft2/in/°F = 1.8) and is far superior to steel (R-0.003) or concrete (R-0.08), providing a structural thermal break between flanged steel framing members. The primary benefit of Fabreeka-TIM® is that it maintains structural integrity while minimizing heat transfer.

Vibration Mounts and Platforms

PAL-type pneumatic isolators provide superior low frequency vibration isolation. These isolators are ideally suited for conditions where height control and low frequency vibration control must co-exist. Fabreeka PAL isolators meet the critical needs of metrology instruments, electron microscopes, inspection stations and precision manufacturing equipment. For more information on Fabreeka products please feel free to contact us at anytime. The Benchmark Group is exclusive Fabreeka Canada distribution partner. We have product engineers on call to make sure you spec the right vibration control, thermal break or other fabricated solution for your project. We maintain stock of Fabreeka products in Canada to save you time and money. All products are priced in Canadian dollars with no duties applied.

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