Engineers and Architects

Free training and free lunch for groups of 3 or more!

As an architect or engineer, it is essential to stay current with all aspects of design, including new material, best practices and code requirements. Clients rely on your expertise to bring them the best possible solution, while creating an efficient building that complies with regional codes on time and on budget.

At Benchmark, we believe that an important part of your expertise is having a solid understanding of where, when and how to address thermal bridging in your building envelope design.

Interested in learning more about specifying Vibsorb Vibration Control or STB-1 Structural Thermal Break in your next project?

Contact Benchmark today to book a free webinar training session today. 


Presentations typically last 45 minutes but can be lengthened or shortened upon request.

Available Training Topics:

  • Vibration isolation, dampening and shock control of buildings, structures, and machines
  • Thermal break material for buildings
  • Vibration and shock theory
  • A variety of custom applications and solutions we have successfully deployed

Each seminar / training session can be custom formatted to your teams exact requirements. Please contact us today to learn more about the vibration isolation and dampening training and the structural thermal break training options Benchmark provides free of charge.

Benchmark Lunch & Learns (webinars in most regions) offer a way to bring this knowledge directly to you and your team. Our educational sessions combine details and research from both Benchmark and third party sources to advance your understanding of structural thermal breaks. We also discuss region-specific codes that are in effect currently, as well as upcoming changes.

Free Lunch:

If your team has 3 or more particiants in the presentation please ask us about our free lunch offer. We will have lunch delivered to your location prior to the event.

At Benchmark, we know your teams time is very valuable and we appreciate the opportunity to provide information about Vibsorb and STB-1 Structural Thermal Break sytems.