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  • Fabreeka SBX type structural expansion bearing is designed using Fabreeka-PTFE pad in the lower unit to accommodate large rotations and high reaction loads
  • Fabreeka SBX type bearings meet AASHTO and State DOT specifications for fabric reinforced bearings pads with PTFE sliding surface
  • Fabreeka TTX and STX type bearings can use a filled or unfilled PTFE surface as required
  • For corrosive conditions, SBX, STX and TTX type slide bearings are available in Stainless Steel

Fabreeka structural expansion bearings, or slide bearings, accommodate thermal expansion and structural rotation in buildings, bridges and pipe supports. Fabreeka designs and manufactures several types of expansion bearings for a wide range of applications, also including Teflon® bridge bearing pads. The expansion bearings are supplied as an upper and lower unit prepared to be tack or stitch welded in the field.

Fabreeka SBX type expansion bearings are used when construction tolerances, high load, and rotation are prominent with beam spans being excessive. This bearing is the most resilient in our full line of expansion bearings.

Fabreeka STX type slide bearings are used when construction tolerances and loads are moderate. This bearing has a very low coefficient of friction which is exceptional for use where expansion is large.

Fabreeka TTX type slide bearings are used as well when construction tolerances and loads are moderate. This bearing has a higher coefficient of friction than the STX Bearing and is used where the expansion criterion is limited.

Fabreeka slide bearings can be made with holes and slots, if required, to allow for mechanical attachment of expansion units to steel structures or for anchoring to concrete structures.

Fabreeka also offers GGX type expansion bearings made with graphite to achieve effective performance in high temperature environments.

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