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Fabreeka Isolation Bushings

Fabreeka isolation washers and bushings are used to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and break the vibration or shock transmission path. For example, the contact
between a machine base and an anchor bolt as shown. The properties of the Fabreeka bushing material are ideally suited for vibration isolation and structure-borne
noise reduction. Washers & bushings are typically used in conjunction with Fabreeka pads or Fabcel pads where the reduction of impact shock or isolation of transmitted vibration is required. Bushings are manufactured with the same properties as Fabreeka pad, and therefore offer years of service under the most severe operating conditions.
Fabreeka bushings are made to specified dimensions (OD, ID, length). A minimum wall thickness of 3/32” is recommended.


Fabreeka Bushings Features & Attributes:

• Isolation washers made from Fabreeka pad material can ultimately withstand loads up to 12,000 psi when used for “uplift” or rebound shock
• Isolation washers and bushings complete the isolation solution by eliminating the vibration and shock transmission path
• Washers can be die cut to any outside/inside diameter required for your application
• Fabreeka bushings meet the MIL-C-882 and MIL-E-5272 military specifications


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