We machine thermoplastics in house UHMWPE 500 Sheets have excellent mechanical properties, supported by rigidity and creep resistance make this Polyethylene ideal for use in the food industry as cutting boards, underlays in food preparation and machined parts.

Ideally suited to many mechanical, chemical and electrical applications, principally because of its outstanding friction and wear capabilities. UHMWPE 500 has excellent chemical resistance, very low moisture absorption, low co-efficient of friction and anti-stick abilities.

UHMWPE has a high molecular weight of 500,000g/mol, and shows a good combination of stiffness, toughness and mechanical damping ability. It has high abrasion resistance and impact strength, even at low temperatures.

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is used as a wear or abrasion resistant component on conveyors, chutes, troughs, tension bars and liners. Being lightly ‘softer’ than UHMW, HMW PE is often specified for cutting boards because it does not blunt the knives as quickly and is food approved.

Typical applications of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene 500 grade: for use with food contact particularly trap and preparation surfaces (food boards, butchers blocks, food machinery/production parts, dough scrapers, food board racking, catering display)

It is readily available in many colors and supplied as High Molecular Weight Polyethylene sheets, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene plastic parts precision engineered to your specifications, chopping boards and butchers block.