Benchmark offers several engineer approved alternatives to Goodco Z-Tech / Canam products. Standard lead time is 7 – 10 days for Made in Canada alternatives!

Goodco Z Tech:

Benchmark Alternative:

Plan Bearings – Series ER

Homogeneous fabric fiber reinforced pad

Load: 10 MPa

Movement: ± 16 mm


Series ER bearings can be used for steel structures, pre-cast concrete structures, standard concrete slabs, etc. This type of bearing is particularly effective in the presence of camber and rotation causing high stress loading on the bearing pad.


Series ER bearings are made of a homogeneous blend of highly ozone-resistant elastomer reinforced by a dispersion of unrestrained synthetic fabric fibers cured together to produce a tough, durable and economical bearing pad.

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VIBSORB in Stock Bearing Pads

Lead time 7 – 10 days

Load: 8,000 PSI

Shore A 80+-10

Allows Minimum movement

Vibsorb bearing pads are made from masticated rubber
using a blend of recycled rubber compounds and synthetic
fiber reinforcement. The ROF, or random oriented fibers,
provide enhanced compressive strength, stiffness and
tensile strength when compared to unreinforced or virgin
bearing pad materials.

Features and Attributes

  • Distributes load between two structural elements evenly
  • Accommodates non-parallel, load bearing surfaces
  • Allows for small rotations
  • Reduces electrolytic action between dissimilar metal elements
  • Twice the compressive load of plain neoprene/nitrile materials
  • Provides vibration and shock isolation in structural applications
  • Meets most state DOT specifications

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Plain Bearings – Series EF

  • Cotton duck fabric reinforced pad
  • Load: 14 MPa
  • Movement: None

Series EF bearings can be used for bridges, viaducts, buildings, crane rail pads, seismic and vibration isolation pads, and shock-absorbing applications.


Series EF bearings are made of multiple layers of 8-ounce cotton duck with 64 folds per 25-mm thickness, impregnated and bonded with a top quality elastomer and compressed into resilient pads of uniform thickness by compression and vulcanization.

This material meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (SI) 4th edition
  • Tested in accordance with MIL-C-882 procedures
  • Hardness, Shore A: 90 ± 5

Available thicknesses:

  • 3.2 mm (1/8 in.), 6 mm (15/64 in.), 8.7 mm (11/32 in.), 12.7 mm (1/2 in.),
  • 15.9 mm (5/8 in.), 19 mm (3/4 in.) and 25.4 mm (1 in.)
  • Other thicknesses can be obtained by cold vulcanization

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Benchmark VIBSORB MIL C 882 Bearing Pads (Cotton duck fabric reinforced pad)

Lead time 7 – 10 days

This pad is generally accepted as a substitute for the Goodco Series EF with a significantly shorter lead time.

Vibsorb pads are a cotton duck “fabric reinforced” bearing pad used in vibration control. The multiple laminations of rubber and fabric allow for large loading with minimal creep and virtually no shape factor associated with unreinforced bearing pad materials.

Benchmark MIL C 882 pads are commonly used as a structural bearing element accommodating surface irregularity and rotations between load bearing faces. MIL C 882 material is also used for vibration and shock applications.

Features and Attributes:

  • Distributes load between two structural elements evenly
  • Accommodates non-parallel, load bearing surfaces
  • Allows for rotations up to 0.02 radians under high pressure
  • Ultimate compressive strength of 20,000 psi
  • Meets AASHTO, MIL-C-882 and most state DOT specifications
  • Provides vibration and shock isolation in structural applications
  • Shore A 90 +-5

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Thin Sliders – Series T, TP, TPE, TT & TRR

This line of bearings fulfills the requirements for low profile inexpensive
slide units. Series T bearings are used in buildings, parking garages,
subways, etc., where slabs are supported on bearing walls or corbels.
They are used under light loads and small movements while no rotation
capacity is required.