Benchmark is proud to offer the following comparison between VIBSORB and Fabreeka Fabsorb!

Benchmark VIBSORB

Compared to

Fabreeka FABSORB

  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time
  • Supplied in sheets or cut to custom size
  • Vibsorb is a Benchmark product
  • Benchmark has stock in Canada typical lead time is 5 - 10 days, expedited service is available
  • Natural frequency ranges from 11 to 50 Hz, depending on load and type of material
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time
  • Supplied in sheets for easy installation
  • FABSORB is a Fabreeka product

The Made in America and fabricated in Canada, Benchmark brand VIBSORB engineer approved equivalent is in stock and available for fast shipping!

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VIBSORB Foundation Isolation Material

Vibration Control Canada

VIBSORB material absorbs machine-induced energy, limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances and provides isolation from ambient and induced shock and vibration, which otherwise would affect the accuracy of the machine being installed.

VIBSORB material is specifically designed for vibration isolation applications of support foundations for machine tools, shock testing equipment, grinders and similar equipment.

Key Features/Benefits

  • The natural frequency of VIBSORB is dependent on load and type of material, and ranges from 12 Hz to 50 Hz.
  • Unlike other isolation materials, VIBSORB is not subject to deterioration through water absorption and wicking, which causes felt-like material to stiffen over time, losing its original isolation characteristics.
  • VIBSORB is impervious to most chemicals and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time.
  • VIBSORB is supplied in sheets 4′ x 9′ or 2′ x 9′ and in 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ thickness for easy installation.

Technical Specifications:

VIBSORB vibration isolation material is manufactured in the following standard sheet sizes for base and sidewall isolation.

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