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Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pad

PTFE bearing pad

Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pads are comprised of the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. Fabreeka-PTFE pad is used to accommodate construction irregularities such as rotation and non-parallel load bearing surfaces, while also providing a sliding surface to accommodate expansion. The Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pads are manufactured with a Teflon® surface for use in expansion bearings and pipe slides. Fabreeka pad is scientifically constructed to give years of service under the most severe operating conditions.

Fabreeka-PTFE pad can be used in structural expansion bearings, slide bearings, pipe clamps and as pipe support pads.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Pads can withstand compressive loads perpendicular to the plane of laminations of not less than 12,000 psi before breakdown.
  • Pads meet AASHTO standard specification for fabric-reinforced bearing pads.
  • Low coefficient of friction via PTFE surface.

Technical Specifications:

Fabreeka bearing pad is manufactured of all new (unused) materials and composed of multiple layers of prestressed 50/50 cotton-polyester blend duck, 8.1 ounce per net square yard, duck warp count 50 ± 1 threads per inch and filling count 40 ± 2 threads per inch, impregnated and bound with a high quality, oil-impervious nitrile rubber compound, containing rot and mildew inhibitors and anti-oxidants, compounded into resilient pads of uniform thickness.

The Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) self-lubricating surface is a 100 percent virgin (unfilled) polymer bonded to a rigid confining substrate. The substrate limits the flow (elongation) of the confined PTFE to not more than 0.009″ under a load of 2,000 psi. A range of PTFE thicknesses can be supplied.

Fabreeka-PTFE pad is impervious to most oils and is resistant to the effects of steam, water, mildew and brine. The effective temperature range is -65 ° F to 200 ° F.

The durometer of the Fabreeka pad is 90±5 (Shore A).

Fabreeka-PTFE pad is manufactured in nominal thicknesses of:

English Metric
1/8″ 3.2mm
1/4″ 6.3mm
1/2″ 12.7mm
5/8″ 16.0mm
3/4″ 19.0mm
1″ 25.4mm

Other thicknesses are available by simply combining and bonding the above standard thicknesses. Thicknesses shown are nominal. Please contact Fabreeka International for manufacturing tolerance values.

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