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Fabreeka Foam FAB EFP Canada


  • Cost effective, environmentally friendly machine foundation isolation material
  • Natural frequency of 11 Hz can be achieved at two inches thick for superior isolation
  • Damping coefficient remains constant over all densities
  • Converging natural frequency over large loading ranges for consistent performance
  • Impervious to most chemicals and oils
  • Supplied in sheets for easy installation

Made from recycled rubber, FAB-EFP is manufactured in different densities to offer the benefit of vibration isolation for a wide scope of applications including machine foundation isolation, building isolation and inertia masses to isolate various kinds of equipment.

FAB-EFP is supplied in full sheets for easy installation and is typically used for the base formwork in concrete foundations. The material can be cut to size in the field for other uses such as industrial machine footings, building support bases and light rail applications.

As with all elastomeric materials, permanent static loads cause the material to creep, that is to relax and deflect over time. Long term creep testing of the FAB-EFP material has shown low amounts of deflection over the material’s expected life cycle. Static and dynamic loading must remain in the recommended operating range for a long life expectancy, be it as a machine foundation or when used for other isolating purposes.

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