Fabreeka® QuietDown® Acoustic Floor Underlay

Fabreeka Canada vibration control products are available in Canada exclusively through the Benchmark Group.

Fabreeka® QuietDown® Acoustic Floor Underlay is a multi-purpose, high performance acoustic underlay engineered to reduce sound transmission through subfloors. It is manufactured from durable recycled rubber, which translates into a stronger, more resilient acoustic underlay that won’t pack down or fall apart over time.

Fabreeka QuietDown Acoustic Floor Underlay is perfect for condos, kitchens, playrooms, institutional settings and anywhere else where noise transmission is a concern.

Available for a wide variety of flooring types such as ceramic tile, stone, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, commercial carpet and vinyl, Fabreeka QuietDown offers incredible sound damping qualities. Easy-to-install sheets are thinner, lighter, and stronger than conventional underlays. Laying and trimming is quick and easy.

Fabreeka Canada QuietDown Info

Key Features/Benefits

  • High performance mid to high frequency impact sound reduction
  • Achieves Delta IIC of 15 – 23 depending on material and floor assembly
  • Laboratory and field tests of Fabreeka QuietDown have been conducted by independent organizations – copies are available upon request
  • Fabreeka QuietDown Max HB has excellent adhesion to mortar for tile applications
  • Doubles as a crack isolation membrane under ceramic and stone installations
  • Used under screed applications as a decoupling / sound insulation membrane
  • Mildew and insect repellant
  • Will not rot or fall apart over time
  • Low surface deflection
  • Will not sag or compress like foams and felt fiber underlays
  • Fabreeka QuietDown Acoustic Floor Underlay Max HB meets ASTM C627-93
  • Robinson Test designation for medium to heavy commercial applications in tile and stone assemblies
  • High coefficient of friction – creep is less than 3% for
  • Fabreeka QuietDown and less than 1% for Fabreeka
  • QuietDown Max HB
  • Excellent thermal R value
  • Reduces passive thermal loss
  • Easy to handle sheets make for less waste and lay down flat with no curled edges
Acoustic Floor Underlay for Impact Sound Reduction
Fabreeka Pad Static Deflection


What type of floor covering can I use with Fabreeka® QuietDown® Acoustic Floor Underlay?
Laminate, engineered wood, solid hardwood, commercial carpet, ceramic tile, porcelain and stone.

Does the smell of rubber go away?
Yes it does. Fabreeka QuietDown is manufactured using recycled rubber, which has an odor of rubber. Left in the open, the smell will dissipate after a few days. Once covered by the floor covering the smell will no longer be detectable.

Can I use Fabreeka QuietDown Acoustic Floor Underlay in my basement?
Fabreeka QuietDown Max HB is 100% vapor proof, and we have had a number of customers install it in their basements. Fabreeka QuietDown Max HB will prevent moisture from traveling upwards into your floor covering, but if you have a wet basement issue, Fabreeka QuietDown Max HB will not solve your problem. It is recommended that you fix the root cause of the moisture, then install your floor coverings.

What type of sound does Fabreeka QuietDown reduce?
Mid to high frequency impact sounds, such as sliding chairs, moving furniture, people walking in hard soled shoes, children dropping toys, pots, pans or items being dropped in kitchens.

I want to get rid of the sound of booming bass, will Fabreeka QuietDown work for this?
No. Most acoustic underlay products will not get rid of low frequency sound transmission. In order to reduce low frequency sounds you need a combination of mass and structure, similar to the egg carton products you see in sound studios. This type of shape does not lend itself to underlay.

Why does Fabreeka QuietDown come in sheets and not rolls?
Homeowners and contractors have told us that rolls are heavy and cumbersome on a job site. Sheets are preferred for ease of installation.

What do you recommend I use for adhesive?
For tile/stone installations, use any brand name polymer modified thin set mortar that complies with TCNA (Tile Council of North America) specifications. For wood floor installations, use any brand name wood flooring urethane adhesive that complies with NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) specifications.

What is IIC?
IIC, or Impact Insulation Class, is a unit of measure used in acoustics to measure the amount of impact sound transmission that passes through a subfloor. IIC ratings are dependent on entire assemblies, not a single element.

Does the higher IIC number mean the product is better?
Not necessarily. Unfortunately, a number of manufacturers claim that their products achieve extremely high IIC numbers. In order to determine the benefit of any underlayment, an IIC test must be done on the floor with and without the underlayment. The difference is the Delta IIC, which is what the underlayment contributes to the assembly. Laboratory and field tests of Fabreeka QuietDown have been conducted by independent organizations. Copies are available upon request.

Can Fabreeka QuietDown be used on walls?
Fabreeka QuietDown is tested and approved for use as an underlay below hard surface flooring. The product should be tested before use in other applications.

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