Fabcel Lev-L (Leveling) Mounts for Equipment

Fabreeka Canada Fabcel Lev-L

Fabreeka Canada Fabcel Lev-L

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Fabcel Lev-L leveling mounts provide adjustable leveling and moderate vibration control for all types of equipment and machinery. The original Lev-L mount was first manufactured in 1962 to provide a leveling feature for equipment requiring vibration isolation with the Fabcel pad. The Fabcel Lev-L mount is supplied with a separate leveling bolt to accommodate all types of installations

Fabreeka Canada fabcel leveling pads

fabcel leveling pads


  • Provides moderate vibration isolation for all types of equipment and machinery.
  • Supports and levels loads up to 25,000 lbs per mount.
  • Meets OSHA requirements for anchoring machinery.
  • Compensates for uneven flooring.
Fabreeka Canada Custom Leveling Pads

Fabreeka Canada Custom Leveling Pads


Can mounts be used for vibration isolation as well as leveling?
Yes, please contact us for assistance in selecting the proper mount.

Can the standard mounts be modified to provide specific isolation requirements?
Yes, different pad material and thickness can be used to reduce vibration according to what is needed.

Fabreeka Canada Leveling Pads

Fabreeka Canada Leveling Pads

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