Benchmark is proud to offer the following comparison between the VIBSORB MIL C 882 Pad with FTFE and Fabreeka PTFE Pad 

The Made in America and fabricated in Canada, Benchmark brand MIL C 882 with PTFE Bonded engineer approved equivalent is in stock and available for fast shipping!

 All above specifications are meant to be used for basic comparison and information purposes only. Please verify with the above manufacturers directly. 

In order to have been selected for this list the above mentioned products would be considered to be of the highest quality. When engineers specify vibration control or thermal break products or brands they generally add the "or approved equivalent" option. Typically lead time and pricing become determining factors once the engineer on record has verified the selected product meets the design criteria.

Benchmark makes no further representations.

The above comparison table is meant to assist with identifying additional approved alternative products. For more detailed and verified specifications please contact the respective above manufacturers directly. 

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Key Features:

  • Accommodates compressive loads up to 10,000 psi
  • Meets AASHTO standard specification for fabric-reinforced bearing pads
  • Low coefficient of friction via PTFE surface
  • Effective temperature range is -65°F to 200°F
  • Impervious to most oils, steam, water, mildew and brine

MIL C 882-PTFE bearing pads are comprised of the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad. The unique PTFE bearing pad is manufactured with a Teflon® surface for use in expansion bearings and pipe slides.

PTFE pads are installed as well to accommodate construction irregularities such as rotation and non-parallel load bearing surfaces, while each Teflon® pad also provides a sliding surface to accommodate expansion.

Elastomeric Bearing Pads
Benchmark Elastomeric Bearings Pads are designed for use in bridge and building construction. Elastomeric Bearings Pads are commonly used under pre-cast concrete beams, steel beams and in various other support points. Our Elastomeric Bearings Pads are manufactured with the highest-quality Neoprene.

For applications in highway construction, most states, provinces and agencies require 100% pure virgin polymer to insure the highest quality product available. With the flexibility of Benchmark’s Neoprene Bearing Pads, common surface irregularities can easily be corrected and future issues can be prevented. Our Elastomeric Bearings Pads are designed to handle vertical loading and are able to efficiently accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and handle rotation through vertical deflection.

Elastomeric Bearings Pads are also used to minimize vibration of structures and at times to dissipate noise. Elastomeric Bearings Pads when used in conjunction with preformed fabric pads conforming to Mil-C-882 are commonly used as dampeners in forging and heavy industry.

Please consult with your design engineer for loading requirements. While solid elastomeric bearings are typically used with pre-cast concrete and steel frame structures, plain elastomeric bearing pads are commonly used in applications with limited load capacities. Be sure to verify this information before purchasing.